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Hanbyul’s HarlemShake!!
He’s really crazy like a fool, but I still love Hanbyul ‘cause seriously he and I, we’re like TWIN! *-* ^^
_Ay Allah’in gerizekali malı, 사랑해^^


#votecrowley is a network for fans of the King of Hell, basically just a fun way for Crowley fans to find other Crowley fans, because don’t we all deserve to be loved?

how do I join?
  • reblog this post
  • be a fandom blog (multifandom is fine)
  • love Crowley
how does it work?
  • there will be a network page (currently under construction)
  • everyone who reblogs this will be listed in a “fans” section
  • from the pool of fans there will be a selection of “members”
  • members will send me an icon and description for the page
that's it?
  • that’s it!
  • tag to track will be #votecrowleynetwork
  • i’ll choose the first members on 1/25
  • there are no following requirements
  • mail me if you have questions!
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